Providing a safe home for girls when abuse has been identified


Four to six months of love, nurturing, safety, and counseling to promote healing


Child placement into a home to a willing and safe relative


Redirecting a child’s path with Christ-centered mentoring, counseling, tutoring and skills training

About Us

Princess Project is a non-profit organization bringing hope, healing, and freedom to hurting girls. We serve females 14 years and younger, who are trapped in cycle of victimization in Southern Sierra Leone, Africa.

Our Strategy

Princess Project has partnered with Restore Hope and Love One Another Children Ministries in Sierra Leone, Africa. We are all working together to create a sustainable model that will provide a way out for young girls trapped in sexual and physically abuse. Princess Project and Restore Hope are coming along side Love One Another and assisting in THEIR ministry. Restore Hope takes care of the funding for the safe house, staff, and sponsorships. Princess Project is responsible for the reintegration of the girls from safe house to a new healthy home with a relative. Our primary task will be to pour into these young girls after the leave the safe house. Our desire is to empower these precious girls so they have the opportunity to turn something so tragic in their life to something so incredible with the help our of Lord Jesus. We will offer tools that will allow them to rely upon themselves and God rather than those who would continue to victimize them. We want to help each girl find in themselves the plan and gifts that God has given them.

Our Vision

Healing through
Group Counseling
Mentor and
Their Voice
Legal Justice
After School
Discipleship and
Spiritual Growth


Since 2014, Princess Project Ministries has provided tools and support for at-risk girls and those trapped in sexual and physical abuse in Sierra Leone, Africa. By teaming with Restore Hope and Love One Another Children Ministries, we are able to turn tragedy into opportunity with the help of the Lord Jesus. Princess Project is helping young girls find themselves after victimization through empowerment and God.

The vision of Princess Project Ministries is Christ-centered. The Lord Jesus blesses us with talents and gifts. Through Him, we follow His example and teachings. The focus of Princess Project helping young girls is providing programs that educate, empower, disciple and promote healing. Our vision includes:

  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Healing through Group Counseling
  • Mentor and Leadership Coaching
  • Empowering their Voice
  • Pursuing Legal Justice
  • Expanding Community Awareness
  • Caregiver Empowerment
  • After-School Tutoring

By partnering with Love One Another Children Ministries and Restore Hope, Princess Project Sierra Leone, Africa provides a reunification package to the family the child is placed with. Through counseling, tutoring and skills training and Christ-centered mentoring, a new path is created to help these young girls become leaders of the next generation. Princess Project Ministries offers victimized young girls a safe environment to heal and receive Christ’s love.

Helping vulnerable girls between the ages of 5 and 14 years old in Sierra Leone, Africa, the Princess Project reunification package provides a mattress, rice, school uniform and fees for the year. Included is a licensed social worker who helps the family offer a secure home environment. Additionally, after-school tutoring is provided to ensure academic success while transitioning. By working together with Love One Another and Restore Hope, Princess Project is working on creating a sustainable model for helping young girls in Sierra Leone. Our dream is help victimized young girls find empowerment through God. By offering a safe house and Christ-centered programs, these young girls can avoid further abuse and victimization. Our hope is to offer guidance and support to help the victims provide for themselves and love and serve others in Christ’s name. God has given us gifts. We help restore young victims and help find the plan and gifts God has provided.

A non-501c3 ministry, Princess Project Ministries relies upon generous contributions. With God’s help, we can turn tragedy into something of hope. To learn more about Princess Project, please browse our site.